SCCA Vintage race at Laguna Seca Raceway, April 4-5th, 2009
The weekend started on Friday after all the entrants were parked in the paddock.  The weather was cold and windy, but sunny.  John Davis and crew had a great BBQ for the Stock Car entrants.  BBQ chicken and steak, garlic bread, salad and all the booze you ever needed.  The hospitality was fantastic, a big THANK YOU to John and everyone else for putting on the BBQ. 
There were 19 entrants for this event;
Steve Barber
Mike Smith
Ken Epsman
John Davis
Ardie Oji
John Scherer
Ralph Borelli
Russ Peterson
Michael Bacciocco
Wes McNay
Garland Self
Steve Eftimiou
Gary Sousa
George Frasier
Jon Jordon
Darrin Alvernaz
Michael Cesario
Dan Green
Steve Beck
Saturday morning practice was good, the weather was great. With the 103 db sound limit, only a few cars had sound advisories,  the practice times in this session were used to grid for the Saturday afternoon qualifying race for Sunday.  Fastest was Steve Barber, followed by Mike Smith, Ken Epsman, John Davis, Ardie Oji, John Scherer, Ralph Borelli, Russ Peterson, Michael Bacciocco, Wes McNay, Garland Self, Steve Eftimiou, Gary Sousa, George Fraser, Jon Jordan, Darrin Alvernaz, Michael Cesario, Dan Green and Steve Beck.
Saturday afternoon qualifying race was very competitive, fast times were done by quite a few people,  Steve Barber had a 1:34:278, Ken Epsman with a 1:34:369, Garland Self with a 1:34:880, Mike Smith with a 1:35:019, Ardie Oji with a 1:35:048.  The race lead was shared by Ken Epsman and Steve Barber, the lead swapped about 4 times, was fun and clean racing.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the racing and when it was all done, Steve Barber won, Mike Smith was 2nd, Ardie Oji was 3rd, Garland Self was 4th, Ralph Borelli was 5th, John Scherer was 6th, Wes McNay was 7th, Russ Peterson was 8th, Gary Sousa 9th, Jon Jordon was 10th, Mike Cesario was 11th, Steve Eftimiou was 12th, Darrin Alvarnez was 13th, George Fraser was 14th, Mike Bacciocco was 15th, Dan Green was 16th, Ken Epsman was 17th (broken rear end on the last lap, last turn), Steve Beck was 18th, John Davis 19th (broken transmission).
The finishing positions from Saturday's race would be used to grid everyone for Sunday's race.  Saturday evening John Davis again hosted a BBQ for everyone, and SCCA had a social with drinks and finger food, along with some very nice looking entertainment.  The weather Saturday evening was probably 25 degrees warmer than Friday evening, so everyone could eat dinner outside if they chose to do so.
Sunday's race started at 1:25 pm, this was a 30 minute race, weather was really nice, probably 75 degrees, sunny and blue sky.  The race started on time, everyone got into a good rhythm from the green flag.  Steve Barber, Mike Smith, Ardie Oji and Garland had some close racing.  Steve Barber and Mike Smith had one of the closest and most entertaining races, the SCCA staff and many onlookers said that it was a great race.  Steve Barber won, with Mike Smith close behind, Garland Self 3rd, Ralph Borelli 4th, John Scherer 5th, Ken Epsman 6th, Wes McNay 7th, Gary Sousa 8th, Mike Bacciocco 9th, Steve Beck 10th, Jon Jordan 11th, Gerorge Fraser 12th, Mike Cesario 13th, Darrin Alvernaz 14th, Ardie Oji 15th, Steve Eftimiou 16th, Russ Peterson 17th, and John Davis 18th. 
Thank you to everyone that participated and the hospitality was fantastic.