Capitola Car Show June 6 & 7, 2013

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Steve Beck is part of the organization putting on a huge car show in Capitola every year. For the past three years he has invited some of our stock car members who live close to Capitola to bring their cars up for the show. It is always a fun weekend as we park our motor homes and trailers in the parking lot of the college about two miles away from the show.

Bright and early on Saturday morning everyone unloads, warms up their cars and drives the two miles to the car show along with a police escort. Lots of fun going down the country type road along side the freeway and into town. The crowds gather quickly to see what all the noise is about. People are hanging off their apartment balconies cheering us on.

The cars are on display both Saturday and Sunday and are left in town on Saturday night with a full time security guard arranged by Steve Beck.

On Saturday we get the VIP treatment with lunch including beer and wine. Saturday night is a VIP sponsor reception which Steve manages to arrange for us to attend. Sunday we are all back in town and out for breakfast at one of the many great restaurants in Capitola.

Sunday afternoon we fire up the cars, the crowd gathers from everywhere and off we go back to our trailers.

Many thanks to Steve Beck for arranging this great weekend for us to enjoy. Captiola is a great city with a car show that has over 500 cars in attendance. Can't wait until next year to go again.