Auto Club Raceway June, 2013

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The Auto Club Speedway race was a great weekend with good weather, fantastic racing and of course our annual taco night party. Our entry count was low due to members having other obligations for the weekend. Saturday's practice and qualifying races were exciting and close.

Dan Verstuyft's UPS Taurus received the meat ball after three laps for what the starter called a "weird gear oil smell" and wanted to be safe rather than sorry and keep Dan from blowing a motor. Turned out to be nothing - no leaks just the weird smell of the Joe Gibbs Racing Oil. His three laps were enough to place him on the pole for Sunday's race with Wes McNay right behind him followed by Steve Beck, Clay Harper, Steve Thomas and Mark Minkoff.

Saturday night's taco party was a huge success as always with lots of beer, wine and margaritas followed by Ana's Tacos with all the trimmings along with rice and beans. Needless to say Ana always supplies us with enough food to feed everyone lunch on Sunday.

Sunday's race was close tight racing between Verstuyft, Beck, McNay and Harper. About half way thru the race Beck passed Verstuyft to take over the lead and Verstuyft in trying to regain the lead wheel hopped going into turn 3 and proceeded to spin. Engine died and would not restart and he was parked for the rest of the race.

Final results were Steve Beck followed closely by Wes McNay in second and Clay Harper in third with Thomas in hot pursuit. Minkoff retired early in the race with mechanical problems.

Congratulations to all the winners and a huge thanks to all who attended.