Stock Car Race Series


Race Day

The core values of SCRS will be:

  •   * To promote the authentic restoration, preservation and competitive us of historic NASCAR race cars.
  •   * Preservation of the cars and the safety of the drivers and mutual respect for the other participants and their valuable historic race cars.
  •   * Operating under the rules of the sanctioning bodies that we run with and the SCRS Philosophy/Rules and Bylaws.
  •   * And most of all, returning to the fun racing and camaraderie that we all strive for and look forward to at stock car events.


SCRS headquarters address and contact are Dan and Carol Verstuyft.
Please feel free to contact any of the Executive Committee members with any issues or input as we share all information with each other.
Email addresses are available under Contact Us.

Headquarters address for all mail, no packages:
Stock Car Race Series (SCRS)
P.O. Box 4432
Paso Robles, California 93447

For package only delivery, please use the following address:
Stock Car Race Series (SCRS)
5155 Calumet Lane
Paso Robles, California 93446

Phone and Fax: 805-227-4409

Stock Car Race Series annual dues

Competition member and 1 historic stock car: $250 first year and $200 per year with renewal each year.
Each additional car, Historic, Vintage or Contemporary: $100.00 per year.
Associate member: $50.00 per year.
Business sponsor member: $250.00 per year (includes website links and marketing banners).

Car Classifications

Historic Stock Cars: 1981 - 1995.
Contemporary Stock Cars: 1996 to 2006 "No Cars of Tomorrow" will be allowed.
Vintage Stock Car: Pre-Historic 1948 - 1980.

Bringing Back Stock Car Racing Memories!